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Cask Donates Canning System to MSU Denver’s Beer Industry Program

(Denver, Colorado) – Cask Global Canning Solutions -- the inventor of micro-canning equipment for craft brewers -- has donated a canning system to the growing Beer Industry Program at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Cask’s Micro-Automated Canning Systems (mACS) will serve to educate the program’s students on the packaging, environmental, [...]

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Beverage Master Features Cask and Yours Truly

The February/March issue of Beverage Master has a wonderful feature on micro0canning. It has loads of info on my pioneering allies at Cask Global Canning Solutions, and some insights from me from the early days of canned craft beer. An excellent piece by Robin Dohrn-Simpson, here's the text of it [...]

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Jones Flies Flag for Flagship February

As you may have heard, revered longtime beer scribes Stephen Beaumont and Jay Brooks launched the very cool Flagship February campaign earlier this year. I had the honor of being invited to pen an essay for it and wrote about my go-to beer, Denver Pale Ale. Here's the piece. Denver [...]

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