Our Services

Big Ideas

Our most valuable (for you) and fun (for us) service is to provide creative, fresh approaches to how you conduct and promote your business. You have your hands full running your business, so we serve as your creative brain. We create entertaining, compelling, business-boosting ways to endear you to consumers, raise your profile, and showcase your products. These clever maneuvers stretch from new products and promo measures to unique & humorous marketing, ink-generating publicity, and novel advertising and sales pieces.

Story Crafting

Every endeavor should have a great story, it’s vital for making you singular and exceptional. We help you define and tell your tale. We pick your brain, dig through your background, and come up with the stirring and unique stories behind your company, people, products and services. These stories clarify your identity and separate you from your peers. They are crucial tools for defining who you are, shaping your efforts, and inspiring staff, customers and allies.


With your backstory and persona defined, we help you land business-changing media coverage in the most influential publications for your endeavor. We find unique angles about your enterprise and craft entertaining pitches and here’s-the-story press releases. Then we politely (and persistently) pitch this sticky info to editors and journalists at your dream print, online, and TV & radio outlets. We can also reshape this magic for use in your social media efforts to give you a valuable double-dip of our work.

Public Relations

Actually, “public elations” is a better term for the flattering, image-lifting work we do for our clients. We help you find happy new allies and audiences to work and grow with, and new groups to market your goods and services toward. We provide improved ways to positively communicate with customers, retailers and distributors. We can serve as your media and PR spokesperson for any media channel (from print to TV, radio and online), and handle crisis communications when trouble arises. Sorry, we don’t “spin” anything. We’re in the “tell the truth” business here. Credibility is crucial for us and you.


Few things improve your enterprise’s image faster than making your consumers laugh. Our research shows that 98% of people enjoy laughing. (Some research shows the figure is even higher.) If you need help finding your company’s funny bone, we can locate it for you. We forsake the laugh track to create real chuckles in your company’s story, marketing, publicity and PR. Such “foolishness” is big fun for us and good business for you. No joke.

Ad, Video & Promotional Pieces

Head-turning, smile-inducing, product-selling copy for ads, promo and sales/info pieces sheets are another specialty here. We can also wordsmith your company slogans, radio and TV spots, and unforgettable, keep ’em awake distributor/retailer presentations your peers can’t touch. You want video? We concept, script and produce amazing videos (we’ve got people!) that distance you from your stodgy peers. (Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, anyone?) If it can benefit from our founder’s award-winning journalist skills and let’s-entertain-these people thinking, we’re in for doing it.

Online & Social Media Content

They say “content is king” in this new online era. But that’s only true when it’s royally good. We write top-shelf Web content, journalism-quality blog posts and features, and needle-moving social media posts that distance you from the pack. Need a tweet that makes the flock chirp? We can do that.

Hired Hand or Borrowed Brain?

We provide you with the services and rewards of a full-time and fully creative PR/publicity/promo/ideas team at a fraction of the typical cost for such highly skilled people. Already have such people in place but need some coaching for your crew? We can provide our services as gurus/consultants to your staff, to help them improve their success rates and professional growth.