Project Description

As the longtime lead singer and idea man for Cask Global Canning Solutions (the inventors of micro-canning equipment for craft brewers), Marty has served as publicist, storyteller, copywriter and humorist for the pioneering company.  This year Marty led a special project to help beer-minded students at Metropolitan State University Denver get the ultimate higher beer education.

Marty initiated an effort to place one of Cask’s trailblazing canning machines in the school’s burgeoning Beer Industry program. Two years in the making, the project is now complete and MSUDenver students are getting hand-on-cans experience with the ultimate beverage package and the ultimate canning system maker.

The project achieves a number of objectives for all of the parties involved. It gives students first-hand experience with canning and enables them to boost their odds for employment and success in craft beer — while they serve as enlightened and trained ambassadors for Cask.

Located in the on-campus Tivoli Brewing Company, the system also enabled Tivoli to make the jump from bottles to cans in fast fashion, so that the brewery can reap the many benefits of Cask gear and cans.

The project was also set up to provide much-needed funding for MSU Denver’s Beer Industry program. Tivoli pays the school for use of the machine as it would if it employed a mobile canning service, so the system provides know-how and experience to students, and valuable revenue to the beer school.

The project also gives Marty —  a proud graduate of commuter schools Tidewater Community College and Old Dominion University in southeastern Virginia — the chance to give back to the same type of school that prepared him for success in the craft beer industry.

Media coverage for the project includes extensive pieces in Food & Wine Magazine, Forbes, New Brewer and numerous US and international beer-industry publications, and hearty local print and TV coverage. This continuing wealth of coverage hips more women and men to the wonders of cans, Cask Global Canning Solutions, and MSU’s exceptional and (very affordable) brewing program.