Project Description

Over the past year, Marty has helped Brewery Finance — a Colorado-based company and the first equipment lender focused exclusively on the craft beer industry — revamp its image and raise its profile.

Marty has helped Brewery Finance create fresh ways to promote its highly valuable services and expertise to the company’s craft brewer audience. His “Fund should not be an F-word” efforts started with ads and promotional pieces that irreverently spoof the near-taboo subject of funding.

This campaign has now expanded into a series of online “Direct Male” video spots that bring the effort into the digital realm with a dose of jarring humor.  The campaign has helped distinguish Brewery Finance from its competition, and has created new allies and stronger relationships with both brewers and brewing equipment vendors. It has helped Brewery Finance maintain its “we’re craft beer lovers” credibility and find continued success in the now more crowded equipment financing sector.

Marty also helped Brewery Finance founder Rick Wehner create and promote a quality improvement program dubbed Better Beer Now. It provides fast and significant funding for lab and quality boosting gear to brewers typically unable to get such funding from conventional sources.

Along the way he has also helped the company land fresh media coverage, place industry expert pieces in beer publications, improve and update its overall messaging, produce uniquely entertaining  events during the annual Craft Brewers Conference, and emphatically shake off its previously more stodgy image.