Project Description

Mountain-Bum-RumTNFor this artisan-style, small-batch distiller’s launch we put together the company’s story, loaded up with the unique features that made these hounds newsworthy. As we often do with our clients, we helped them with press-ready photos that echoed the publicity effort and boosted the odds for primo media coverage.

But a short time into the startup’s career, Spirit Hound was walloped by the floods that washed out Lyons and much of Colorado. So we deftly jumped into crisis-management mode to alert press and followers to the flooded fate of the distillery and its staff. But for us the best crisis management turns dark nights into sunny days.

So while looking for the proverbial lemons for lemonade, we noticed a barrel of soon-to-be released Mountain Bum Rum floating in 3 feet of water inside the distillery. We transformed that rum into the world’s first Flood Aged Rum, the rarest rum in the world! We placed stories on this genuine-but-jolly spirit — along with details on the distillery’s triumphant reopening — in major print and TV outlets across CO and the US. The big-hearted Hounds used the rum as a fundraiser for the town and its fire department, to create additional goodwill and great buzz building. “When life hands you floods…”