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Shipyard Adds Locally Produced Malt to its Flagship

Nearly 25 years after creating it, Shipyard Brewing is making a homegrown adjustment to its very first beer. Shipyard’s Export Ale is now brewed with an addition of locally grown malted barley from Maine Malt House. “Export is a beer that stands for Maine and our state’s nautical heritage,” says [...]

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Super Beer Collaboration Settles NFL Bet

To honor its Super Bowl bet with its friends at Shipyard Brewing Company of Portland, Me., Scofflaw Brewing Company of Atlanta will serve a new beer in its tasting room this week. G.O.A.T. is a “New England compatriots-style IPA” brewed with Maine-grown malted barley and organic flaked oats, and hopped [...]

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Roaring Success with Cans

Baton Rouge, Louisiana ‘s Tin Roof Brewing was founded in 2010 by Charles Caldwell and William McGehee.  The pair dreamed of bringing the small-batch beer cultures they enjoyed around the US to the Deep South.  "Our state  was a little late to the craft beer revolution,” says John Mabus, Tin [...]

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A Case of Anthrax: Heavy Metal Meets Light Metal

Chuck Williamson, founder of upstate New York’s Butternuts Beer & Ale, is the proud owner of the seventh Automatic Canning System produced by Cask Brewing Systems. “We’ve done millions of cans on that machine,” Williamson says. “It just keeps on cranking.” Williamson fired up his ACS in 2005 and was [...]

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