Cask Improvises to Clear COVID-19 Installation Obstacles

With most of the world in a shelter-in-place mode, Cask Global Canning Solutions is deputizing longtime customers around the globe to conduct canning system installations.  Cask has recently enlisted Olof Haggstrom, founder of Sweden’s pioneering Can Man mobile canning service, to install three new Cask systems in Sweden. Chas Love, [...]

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Old Brewery, New (Canned) Tricks

When it opened in 2015, Denver’s resurrected Tivoli Brewing Company sold retro-minded beers in throwback stubbies, to echo its 150-years-plus Colorado history.  But a year after giving cans a try on a Cask Micro-Automated Canning System, the brewery’s bottle-focused plans have shattered like glass. “We’re trying to sell our bottling [...]

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Gearing Up With Cask

After years as a draft-only brewery, Waterloo, Iowa’s SingleSpeed Brewing has dramatically increased its speed of growth thanks to cans and Cask equipment. “Adding cans to our line-up,” says founder Dave Morgan, “has more than doubled our production level.  It is the first extension we’ve done in an off-premise setting [...]

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Cask Cans Another Country

A new nation has joined the canned craft beer ranks thanks to Cask. In May of this year, Estonia’s Tanker Brewing fired up its Cask ACS V5 micro-canning system and made history there. “We are the first Estonian brewery to switch completely to cans,” says founder Jaanis Tammela, pictured above. [...]

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Cask Debuts Timely New Inline Feature

April 1, 2019 In light of recent developments in the mass-market beer industry, Cask Global Canning Solutions is announcing a new upgrade available for all of its pioneering canning systems. The new Cask CRN-E is a special in-line corn syrup doser that can be added to all Cask systems. It [...]

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