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Shipyard’s Pumpkinhead Takes Flight on Elite Airways

Shipyard Brewing is announcing a new partnership that gets its famed Pumpkinhead seasonal beer on an airline for the first time. Cans of Pumpkinhead –along with cans of Shipyard’s flagship Export Ale and Island Time session IPA and two beers (Blueberry and Sunfish) from Shipyard’s sister Sea Dog brewery – [...]

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Shipyard Launches Fall Seasonal, Seasonal Creep Fight

Shipyard Brewing is now releasing its Pumpkinhead fall seasonal to US retailers. Launched in 2002 and one of American craft beer’s biggest-selling seasonals, Pumpkinhead is a malty UK-meets-USA amber ale enhanced with pumpkin pie flavors. The beer is made with a dash of malted wheat, US and European hops, and [...]

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Spangalang Pours on the Teacher Support

I owe my career to a few great teachers who changed my life in the best of ways. You do, too, yes? The founders of Denver's Spangalang Brewery certainly appreciate teachers, and two of the founders have wives who work in the educational field. To welcome teachers and support staff [...]

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Fruitful Micro-Canning

Craft brewers aren't the only ones reaping the bennies of packing their luscious liquid art in aluminum cans. Uncle John’s Cider Mill has been growing apples since 1858 and producing hard apple cider since 2001. Four years ago the St. Johns, Michigan company proved it’s a craft cider pioneer willing [...]

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Canarchy in the UK

Some ten years after we launched the "Canned Beer Apocalypse" at Oskar Blues and overthrew the bottles-only status quo in America, UK brewers are now embracing Cask Brewing Systems gear and doing their own form of beery upheaval. In May 2013, London’s Camden Town Brewery released a full-flavored beer in [...]

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