Spirit Hound Distillers Releases First Aged & Flood-Proof  Whisky.

After three years, one Biblical flood and a ton of hard work, my pals at Spirit Hound Distillers in Lyons, CO finally released their signature product on August 22.

The small-batch distillery bottled up five 53-gallon oak barrels of Straight Malt Whisky that were filled prior to the historic September 2013 floods that walloped Spirit Hound’s hometown and much of Colorado.

I handled the media-tickling chores for the whisky release, and we landed a load of great media coverage in Colorado and in the spirits trade around the US.

See the bottom of this note for a wonderful piece from 7 News.

Here’s an excellent feature by the Denver Post’s Alicia Wallace from the front page of the Business section: http://www.denverpost.com/business/ci_28682963/two-years-later-flood-proof-whisky-is-bottled?source=infinite

And a fine piece in Westword: http://www.westword.com/restaurants/spirit-hound-distillers-releases-flood-proof-whisky-7027067 .

In addition to my doing the publicity for the event, I also tweaked the copy on the back of the new Straight Malt Whisky. (I love writing snappy text for packaging projects.)

The press helped to make the event a smashing success. There was a line of folks waiting to buy the new spirit 30 minutes before the party started. Spirit Hound sold over 500 bottles of Straight Malt Whisky (at $60 each) and enjoyed the biggest single-day and weekend sales in its scrappy little history.

The project was much fruitful fun for a fine group of fellows who’ve been through some real hell to get their exceptionally delicious whisky released.

Check out this video from The Now Denver: